Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Student Movement (MGOCSM) is the student wing of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. The students and senior leaders of our church who were residing in Madras (Chennai), India in the early part of this century felt the need for an organization to bring together our students in various colleges and high schools with a view to deepening their spiritual life and to create in them a livelier sense of fellowship. So they founded the Syrian Student Conference in 1907 and first conference was convened on January 1st, 1908 at Tiruvalla, Kerala, India. Annual conferences have been a regular feature since that year. The Syrian student conference, the parent organization, assumed its present name MGOCSM in 1960. Ours is the oldest Christian student organization in India. Our motto is Worship – Service – Study.

MGOCSM have been maintaining inter-disciplinary contacts in the academic field for along time by the formation of its wings. There are college student’s wing, high school student’s wing, University teacher’s association, School teacher’s association, Medical Auxiliary, Technical Auxiliary, Missionary forum, Literary forum, Publication wing, and etc.

Our Mission

The motto for MGOCSM is worship, study, and service. As members of MGOCSM, we strive to commit our lives to God by educating ourselves through his word. The MGOCSM Unit conducts monthly bible studies and annual retreats in order to execute this mission as effectively as possible through the guidance of our parish priest, diocesan metropolitan, and God.

Upcoming Events

May: Bible Study, hosted by St. Mary’s
June: Bible Study, hosted by St. Thomas
July: Bible Study, hosted by St. Mary’s