Prayer Groups

Prayer is a form of spiritual communication with our creator. Though individual prayer is vital to our own personal walk with Christ, God has attached special significance to group prayer. As said in St. Matthew 18:30 “When two or three gather in my name, I am with them”, when believers gather together, they can pray with and for each other. It is to the benefit of each believer to have others pray with them. For example, in Mathew 9:2 the paralytic was healed because of the faith of his friends. This concept is throughout the scriptures, that our faith can positively effect change in others.


Monthly prayer meetings are held area wise on a regular basis where each prayer group has its own coordinators. The meetings are conducted in the houses of the parishioners. Our church has three prayer groups to cover all pariosheners across the Atlanta Area. Though the prayer groups are regional, any member of the church is welcome to attend any of the prayer groups.

About Us

We have three prayer groups. Each Prayer Group has its own secretary who co-ordinates the meetings. The secretary communicates to all members gathers head count and informs the host family. The secretary also identifies the speaker for every meeting. Each Prayer group meets once in a month on the weekends. The host family along with the Vicar pick the date. The three prayer groups are:

Atlanta Prayer Group
Lawrenceville Prayer Group
Lilburn Prayer Group