The Marth Mariam Samajam, the spiritual organization for the women of the Church is a very active unit. The Marth Mariam Samajam conducts meetings in the Church on the second and the fourth Sunday after Holy Qurbana. We also organize retreats, lenten prayers and also help with arranging refreshments for various events throughout the year.


The MMVS of our parish meets every second and fourth Sunday at the church after Holy Qurbana. The main focus, during these meetings, is prayer, devotional songs, bible reading and sharing of messages. Our Vicar leads the meeting and gives us an inspiring message. We also conduct fund raising and donate the proceeds of the same to the poor and the needy.

Our History

Marth Mariam Vanitha Samajam is the Women’s wing of the Malankara Orthodox Church of India. It is one of the major spiritual organization of the church combining all the female members. It is spread throughout the world in all the 30 Dioceses and functioning in all parishes of the church.

The organization was founded in 1928 aimed at the spiritual progress of women. The founders named it “Marth Mariam Samajam”after the Blessed Virgin Mary whom they accepted as their interceding saint. It was started under the patronage of the Late Very Rev. M.C.Kuriakose Ramban and with the leadership of K.M. Annamma. and co-workers. Our Motto is “Prarthikkuka, Pravarthikkuka, Prakasikkuka”.